The power of plants

More about the proven effects that plants have
Plants make you happier and healthier

Happier & healthier

Plants increase your well-being by their stunning looks & air purification abilities.

More creative & productive

More creative & productive

When being surrounded by plants you will experience less stress and a better focus.

Increase of sales

Increase of sales

Really? Yes! People tend to spend more time and money in green commercial spaces.

Hello, we're PLNTY

We turn indoor spaces in the concrete city into a green oasis
using the most beautiful and health beneficial plants.

Because to us, it’s plain and simple:
we believe that the positive effects of being
surrounded by nature shouldn’t only be available outdoors.

Even when spending time inside
you should still be able to benefit from the power of plants.

Plant shop

Buying plenty of plants is easy. Greenify your space at once with our plant collections! Choose, just wait and welcome your new plant family.

Mini jungle collection

Bring the jungle inside with these miniature tropical beauties. They will easily feel at home in our humid cities.

Easy care collection

Curated for plant beginners and busy bees! This collection contains plants that are tough guys.

Colour bomb collection

Colour up your life with this plant collection! These plants will lead to a colour explosion in your house.

Pure air collection

These plants have one thing in common: they improve your health! This natural machine cleans 75 m2 (!).

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