What we offer

  • A monthly plant membership
  • A wide range of high-quality plants of your choice
  • Smart planters matching the interior and needs
  • Weekly maintenance
  • The best customer and plant service you can wish for

Why would you need plants?
In the city, people spend most of their time inside, working from their one-bedroom apartments, cubicles or shared office spaces. 

In these spaces, you’d want the air to be purified, workplaces as silent as possible and stress to be uncommon so that people can be as creative and productive as possible. Sounds like magic? It is not. All you need is plants.

Being surrounded by plants has been proven to positively impact our physical and mental health. Plants will make your employees happier and healthier.

And… happy people make great businesses. That is why we want to help you to turn your office into an indoor green sanctuary, with our purifying, healthy and stunning plants.

Let’s make your office a green and powerful one. Let’s make plants work.

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