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  • Areca palm

    This palm is one of our larger and healthiest plants! And… it instantly brings you a summer feeling.

  • Calathea

    This decorative gem is part of the calathea family which is full of crazy prints & colours. A plant to brag about!

  • Fern

    Whatever fern you adopt, it will for certain be an air purifier. Small, but powerful!

  • Maranta

    This so-called ‘prayer plant’ follows the sun. It folds its leaves together after sunset and opens them again at sunrise.

  • Monstera

    You probably recognise the monstera from tropical prints on posters and swimming trunks.

  • Monstera obliqua

    The rare little brother of the monstera. It’s also called monkey mask, because this plant loves to climb!

  • Philodendron

    Being part of the tough stuff plant family, this plant will not disappoint you with its showy leaves.

  • Pure air collection

    These plants have one thing in common: they improve your health! This natural machine cleans 75 m2 (!).

  • Sansevieria

    The sansevieria, a.k.a women’s tongue or snake plant, is a tough plant from the desert!

  • Zamioculcas

    A very hardy plant which will surprise you with new stems every now and then.