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  • Alocasia Zebra

    One of our rare gems, where elephant ear meets zebra in one plant.

  • Areca palm

    This palm is one of our larger and healthiest plants! And… it instantly brings you a summer feeling.

  • Ficus

    This gentle giant is so easy-going, that it is not even trying to challenge you to become a true plant caretaker.

  • Monstera

    You probably recognise the monstera from tropical prints on posters and swimming trunks.

  • Polyscias large

    A one of a kind jungle plant, or shall we call this little one a tree? Anyway, it is stylish and suitable for darker spaces.

  • Rubber plant

    Looking for an undemanding plant? The rubber plant will be your new green friend. It will not let you down!

  • Traveller’s palm

    The traveller’s palm is bombastic and beautiful at the same time. One of our favourites!