Areca palm


This palm is one of our larger and healthiest plants! And… it instantly brings you a summer feeling.

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💚 It is a natural air purifier! Its reach stretches far enough to freshen a space of 30 m2 (M) – 50 m2 (L).
🌤️ It likes a bright spot with indirect sunlight.
↕ 110 – 160 cm*
⌀ M (22 cm), L (30 cm)*
💧Do check out our care tips.

* The plant on product image measures 110 cm, meaning it’s (planter) size M.

You make plants work!

Additional information


Water your areca palm just a bit, twice a week. Keep the soil constantly moist.


It is a tropical plant, so it loves to get showered with a sprayer twice a week.


Leaves could turn yellow when they get too much sun. Cut any yellowed leaf and position your plant in indirect sunlight. The tips of the leaves can turn brown when it is not humid enough. Don't worry: just spray your plant more often to make sure it will stay moist.


Plants are just like people, sometimes they get hungry too. Use our plant fuel to feed this palm once a month.


Need some help? Text our plant expert (+852 52868422).


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