Monstera minima



💚 The monstera minima is easy to propagate! Read about this in the care tips.
🌤️ It likes a bright (and humid) spot with indirect sunlight.
↕ 30 cm
⌀ S (14 cm)
💧Do check out our care tips.

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Additional information


Water your monstera minima just a bit, twice a week. Keep the soil constantly moist.


It likes humid environments. If humidity is lacking, shower the monstera with a sprayer twice a week.


How to create little monstera's? There are two ways. Split the plant and repot it into different planters. Or take a cutting, separating it just below the node closest to the bottom of the stem, and place it in a glass of water.


Plants are just like people, sometimes they get hungry too. Use our plant fuel to feed it once a month.


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