Traveller’s palm


The traveller’s palm is bombastic and beautiful at the same time. One of our favourites!

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💚 The traveller’s palm can grow up to 16 meters tall!
☀️ A real sun-worshipper!
↕ 150-170 cm
⌀ L (30 cm)
💧Do check out our care tips.

You make plants work!

Additional information


Water your traveller's palm twice a week. Keep the soil constantly moist.


It is a tropical plant so it loves to get showered with a sprayer twice a week.


The older the leaf, the bigger the chance it has some tears. No reason to think it is dying, but if you do not like it, you can cut the stem.


Plants are just like people, sometimes they get hungry too. Use our plant fuel to feed it once a month.


Need some help? Text our plant expert (+852 52868422).


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