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A very hardy plant which will surprise you with new stems every now and then.

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💚 A wannabe potato is hiding in the planter. This ‘potato’ is the root of the plant.
🌤️ You can place this plant anywhere in your home, in either light or dark places.
↕ 45 cm
⌀ S (14 cm)
💧Do check out our care tips.

You make plants work!

Additional information


Water the zamioculcas just a bit, once every two weeks.


Plants are just like people, sometimes they get hungry too. Use our plant fuel to feed the zamioculcas once a month.


Need some help? Text our plant expert (+852 52868422).

1 review for Zamioculcas

  1. Marlot Van Der Stoel (verified owner)

    So happy with my purchase. The plant and pot are beautiful and exactly (or maybe even better) as described on the website. Delivery was very smooth and fast. I can highly recommend it to everyone.

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